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Energy Savings

Industrial electric motors represent the single largest end use of electricity in the United States.  The Department of Energy recently estimated that 25% of electricity sold is consumed by industrial electric motors.  These motors ae used to power production processes and heating, cooling and vetilation systems.

BDI represent Baldor who undertands the impact of electric motor energy efficiency to the "bottom line".  Eighteen years ago in 1983, Baldor debuted the premium efficient Super E motor line, an industry first. Since then Baldor has maintained the lead in providing the most energy efficient electric motors and drives in the industry.

Click on the link below to install Baldor's Energy Savings Tool (BE$T). This program compares the energy saving potential between motors and drives with various energy efficiency ratings then selects the "best choice" for overall savings. BE$T may also be used in conjunction with a PDA to conduct a plant survey of motors. The program automatically selects the equivalent Baldor motor from the description entered. Motors may be evaluated individually or by a list.

BE$T, Baldor Energy Savings Tool

Additional links will take you to the latest literature on energy efficiency solutions.

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Baldor Super-E Motor Line Comparison To Industry Standards

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